…but I’m also known as “The Sales Whisperer.” I am the creator, developer and author of the “The Sacred Sale” method.  I want to share this wonderful new approach for sales, marketing and business with the world!


I have a degree in Business Administration/Marketing (that doesn’t really matter), more importantly I have 29 years of experience in selling.  My selling experience is comprised of mostly professional sales as an outside sales person, entrepreneur and business owner, with some retail sales.

 My first outside sales job was when I was 19 years old!  I had no sales training of any kind.  This project only lasted 6 months, it was strictly commission and it involved me selling to business owners.  I knocked em dead!  I have sold products and services in multiple industries locally, regionally and nationally. My products have been featured in the New York Times, in countless national magazines and newspapers, in books and on the CBS morning news.  I am currently engaged in marketing and selling and use the “The Sacred Sale” method on a regular basis.


Although “The Sacred Sale” method will be new to you, it has been something that has taken me 25 years to develop and perfect.  This method started by me just wanting to become a better salesman, so I started studying everything and anything I could to improve my skills and results.  I’ve read countless books, listened to countless cassettes and CD’s, watched many movies, and sought out gurus in the areas of sales, entrepreneurship, marketing, business and personal growth and development.

All of that led me to re-discover some lost secrets and develop new strategies to go with those secrets in order to help me sell better, inevitably this became “The Sacred Sale” method.  For those of you who choose to learn “The Sacred Sale” method you will also experience phenomenal results.

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